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Henna Haircoloring

As promised, a henna update~

I’m ridiculously awkward with selfies but this is my hair after using henna all over once and on my grey roots about 4 times over the course of the month:


As you can see, the hair still has color variation which was important to me. The roots are definitely harder to color but it does stick after a few times. Worth it. It’s easy too~ don’t let the instructions intimidate you as they did me for quite a while! I’m hooked! All it really requires is washing the hair, mixing the henna with warm water, then putting the henna on and leaving it to set for an hour or two. When washing it out, you can just use water and reapply (for extra coverage on the grey) or if you are finished, use conditioner and then blow-dry. It’s healthy for the hair so it can be used as often as needed and the results are great!

I used henna color lab because their dyes are truly all herbal and they have a great variety of colors. The shade I have been using is medium brown. Natural beauty products have it all!




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