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Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free Fish and Chips

My oldest does not want to exist in a world without fish and chips so I figured I better start experimenting before we went to a restaurant and he got the bad news that breaded fish is generally gluten and egg covered. I searched the internet but was dissatisfied with what I found, so I decided to just give it whirl myself, and he loved how it turned out (yay!), so here’s what I did. I put about 1 cup of brown rice flour in a big Ziploc bag and added black pepper and Mediterranean salt. The cod I used was frozen so I had to let that defrost in the fridge for about a day and a half, but when it was thawed I cut it into smaller pieces. For the ‘chips’ I just used Whole Foods brand frozen French fries, the skinny kind, which both  my kids love, so those went into the oven about the time I started working on the fish. After cutting up the cod I poured canola oil into a pan to cover it about 2 centimeters deep~ this was not a deep fry, but I wanted enough so that when I turned the fish over there was still oil for that side. I put the fish in the rice flour bag, a few at a time, and made sure they were fully covered, then put each piece into the already hot pan until all the fish was used up. I turned the fish several times in the pan, cooking for at least 10 minutes, and just took them out and placed them on paper towels when they looked finished. It worked well~ no egg needed and no bread crumbs (gluten-free or not) needed either. Easy!


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