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Natural Hair Product

Just thought I’d share this little gem, since I’ve tried just about every anti-frizz product out there and this one seems to work really quite well. I have a warning to give with it though, it is not only anti-frizz, it is also pro-curly so I imagine it will not make it to most people’s want list. I love it though, and for what it is worth, I prefer my hair on the wavy/curly side to straight despite the mass inclination the other way. Luckily I’ve married the one person on earth who thinks straight hair the inferior kind~ and we have actually gone rounds about this~ seriously had multiple fights about what is generally considered the best texture. He seems to think I say that everyone prefers straight hair in a poor-me-the-lonely-outsider kind of way. When I bring up real evidence, such as when I get my hair done they always assume I want it blown dried straight and there are  always articles about how to straighten hair~ to which my husband says, “so you are getting your evidence from Cosmo?” He thinks everyone desires some wave in their and that stick straight is the worst thing a person would have to deal with~ obviously he does not read Cosmo, thank goodness. But anyway, back to this product I found at Whole Foods. It is Shikai’s Color Reflect Curl Enhancer, though I found it makes my hair more beach-wavy than truly curly like salon products do.


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