Monday in March

Monday just might be the weekly equivalent to the month of March. While we enjoyed a few days of sun over the weekend, spring seems to be in a constant state of sticking out her tongue at us here in the greater Seattle region. March has dragged on, raindrop by raindrop, greyer than grey and longer than a week’s worth of Mondays. I guess you might have guessed that I’m in a gloomy mood. I was walking along the sidewalk today, and noticed that it was carpeted with evergreen droppings, dampness, and small branches bearing witness to strong winds. The few people I saw out of their cars were wearing scarves, boots, and warm black coats. April is just around the corner but Spring is no where in sight. To try to change my mood I decided to make cinnamon-pumpkin scones. Baking usually makes me feel happier, and it worked while I was busy in the kitchen, but now I’m back to looking out the window at the grey world. I could make kale chips but something tells me that won’t chipper me up. Perhaps I should just chalk this up to Monday and this never-ending March, and let my moodiness reign. Something tells me that my kids, almost home from school, will not agree with my bad mood indulgences though. At least I can offer them scones.


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