Kale Chips

My oldest son likes a lot of different foods, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever picture him wolfing down a plate of kale. It happened. Several times actually, now that I’ve tweaked the recipe I tried during my cleanse earlier this year. Here’s their version: Kale Crisps which includes sesame seeds. In order for my son to eat them I have to leave off the sesame seeds and add fresh ground pepper and Mediterranean sea salt (which already has herbs mixed in.) They are so easy to make and you can spice them any way you want! I learned a trick at PCC for de-stemming kale; you just hold the end of the stem and run your hand up the kale to take off the edible green part. It is quick and effective, then all you have to do is cut the greens into chip-size pieces (they get smaller in the oven) then place them on a baking sheet, add 2 T olive oil and 1 T lemon juice, salt and pepper (and whatever else you want). Cook on 200 for half an hour, flip, then another 25 minutes or so (until they are crispy). There are quite a few companies out there making prepackaged kale chips too. I haven’t tried any since they are so easy to make at home (and I know what exactly is on them) but I did see that the Natural Foods Merchandiser team picked Brad’s as their favorite. I’ll just keep making them here though, since at least one son eats them. Now if I could just convince the other son to try them…


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