What the Detox Did:

The detox was good, but definitely had different results than the more extreme ones I’ve done before. My previous experiences have been infused with feelings of euphoria and clear-headedness that I just never achieved with this Whole Living version. But, with that said, they make a point of saying that the detox is meant to be a life change, a way to live, not an experience to be done and then completely forgotten until the next time, and in that respect, it worked. There are now several meals that I incorporate into our weekly meals, such as the roasted root veggies with beans and roasted cauliflower with almonds. I’ve never really eaten sweet potatoes, but now eat them almost daily following their recipe. Also, just the idea we can have a filling, starchy meal that does not involve a grain or a potato was enlightening, as I feel much less bloated eating veggies than anything else. I’ve also realized I thought I used a lot of olive oil before the cleanse, but now I use a lot more, and a quite a bit more nuts too. When I was doing the detox I was inspired to plan out my weekly menus, but that has not stuck. It should. Maybe I’ll give that a try today since it is Sunday after all and a good day to menu plan. It certainly makes shopping easier when you know what you are going to be making. So, all in all it was definitely worth it, but could be cut shorter for the same benefits.


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