picky kids


I have a dilemma that is not exactly worthy of dear Abby, but it bothers me all the same. My younger son eats very few foods and most days doesn’t like eating at all. (Can’t say I can relate to that!) What he does like is sugar, in any form and lots of it. In fact he’s the biggest sugar fiend I’ve ever seen and he reacts to it too~ gets crazed right away. While at Whole Foods last night, and yes, that is indeed where I spend many a Saturday night, I noticed a new cereal~  it was by Erewhon and it was some sort of organic cocoa rice crispy type thingy and I thought, “that just might be a cereal my little man would eat!” Then I looked at the nutrition and saw 10g of sugar and put it back…but should I get him things like that just to introduce him to new things that he actually likes in order for him to see that not all new food tastes like steamed broccoli? (Which everyone else in the family happens to love but he thinks it’s a punishment.) Or should I not introduce more sugar laden food into his limited repertoire and just try to feed him as healthy as I can~ with the help of frozen waffles and Annies’ boxed pasta and cheese meals? It’s not like he eats great now, but he does eat fruit every day and other healthy things along with his processed staples. I just read through this and think I already answered my question in the first couple of sentences~ the fact he reacts to sugar the way that he does is probably enough reason not to get more sugar-laden variety into him. He’s probably got a sensitivity to it and therefore wants it. (Although his allergy testing has come back with big ol’ zero, lucky boy.) So, no cocoa brown rice for him, for now. Until I start pulling my hair out trying to feed them something that is.


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