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Gluten Free Oat Flour

I have been baking with a lot of oat flour lately, specifically Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oat Flour, and it makes me wonder why more recipes don’t take advantage of this flour…? Granted it can be risky using oat flour that isn’t certified gluten free, but since there is at least one readily available one I’m surprised more gluten free cooks don’t regularly use it. The bread, biscuits and scones I’ve been making have been really good lately. I mean a scone made with oat flour or a scone made with garbanzo bean flour…which would you choose? Last night a mixed up a batch of cinnamon blueberry scones and set the mix in the fridge overnight. Baking them up this morning was especially gratifying b/c the blueberries I used were ones my sons and I picked at the end of the summer.  They really enjoy picking and eating the ones in our backyard, but they actually were not so excited about picking from a blueberry farm. It was a good time all the same, since they got to play Star Wars with our friends who met us there. And they definitely enjoy these scones. They are from the Flying Apron cookbook, but I made them into more of a biscuit size because the way the book has you do it results in huge scones~ that would be all my boys would eat in a day!


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