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Bowls of Memories

Yesterday afternoon nostalgia struck as I was cutting up veggies for some more lentil soup. When I worked at a natural food store called Rainbow Blossom (yes, it was started by 60s era hippies, how did you guess?!) I ate a veggie soup with a tomato base every day. Even now a certain tomato-veggie soup smell reminds me of that place. When I lived in Prague my flatmate made lentil soup with parsnips. It was such a luxury to eat homemade soup there, as I’ve mentioned before we mostly ate junk, that I have never tried parsnips in my own version, as it would never live up to that memory. While there we did go to a restaurant called Husa, meaning ‘the Goose’, where they served lentil soup in bread bowls. We would go there often on Friday afternoons after picking up our checks from the language agency that employed us, as well as our work schedules for the following week. Fridays were great for that reason~ I normally had one morning class to teach, and then the long weekend stretched out before us, starting with a visit to Husa with whichever of the teachers cared to joined us. I often ate that lentil soup in a bread bowl with a dark beer, then went home and napped. The life of a singleton with no real responsibilities! Of course, as luxurious as that was, I didn’t feel well. I didn’t know it was the gluten at the time, but I did have a feeling it was something I was putting into my body, and I was scared it was too much coffee. At least I can still get overly wired, if not accompanied by a ‘regular’ bagel. I’m tempted to try to make bread bowls though~ gluten free of course. It shouldn’t be that hard although I think a bit of a rye taste would be best for the lentil soup. If I come up with a recipe I’ll post it, or post the link if someone already has made them.


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