gluten free

Gluten free bars

For some reason the all-time-best gluten free bars have the all-time-worse placement at the Whole Foods I go to. They are at the bottom of the bars section and the fact they are gluten free is not very noticeable. The only other place I can find them is PCC which does a much better job at merchandising them at slightly above my eye level which probably means eye level for most people, and surprise, surprise, they are quite often all out of them. The bars are made my NuGo and my personal favorite is the dark chocolate crunch. They also have bars that are not allergy free for those lucky enough to indulge, and I have heard they are delicious too. There are constantly one or two in my car for snack emergencies, which happen quite often considering I’m driving my boys around a large proportion of my waking hours, and they hit the spot. As all gluten free foods are, they too are a little on the expensive side, but they taste like real food (real dark chocolate no less!) and are a fairly low-cal/low-fat treat. I just thought I’d share in case other Whole Foods are also unaware of their little gem. Nice job, NuGo.


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