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Favorite Gluten Free Lunch

Amy’s Bistro Burger is my favorite gluten free patty by far, and my favorite thing to do with it is to throw it on a salad. If I am just doing it for myself then I use spinach or kale, cut into bite-size pieces with scissors. I add chopped tomato, sliced onions, and a diced up kosher dill pickle. Then I add Karam’s garlic sauce to the salad, with the burger on top. It is delicious, easy, and nutritious. By the way, years ago when I was still a sales manager for a natural foods/supplements distributor I had a customer on the east side of the mountains where you could not easily get Karam’s garlic sauce. She loved it so much that she timed her visits to her granddaughter on the west side of the mountains to when she ran out of it! I totally understand~ the stuff is that good. Anyway, when I make the same salad/burger mix for my hubby I do it mostly the same but I shred cheddar cheese on top, exchange the dark leafy greens for a crispy lettuce like romaine, and instead of the garlic sauce I use either a mixture of ketchup and mustard or ketchup and mayo on top of the burger. When the knife then slices up the patty, the sauce mixture gets distributed through the salad a bit. This combo is definitely more traditional-burger tasting so I hope one day my sons will eat salad this way too. Right now they are still not interested in salad or veggie burgers or real burgers for that matter.


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