back to school soup

Back to rain could be another title for this time of year. Luckily my oldest son’s first week of first grade has gone well and my younger son will be starting his new preschool next week. It will be a very busy fall. To start it off right I made some miso soup with broccoli, garlic, tofu and onions. Not traditional, but very yummy and healthy. My sons actually eat it too, which is a major plus. Here’s the quick and dirty: Warm a big pot with olive oil inside. Add about 3/4 of a big onion, then add about one head of broccoli cut into little pieces. Tofu and garlic go in next along with about a T of balsamic vinegar and a T of tamari (wheat free). Saute about 4 or minutes, until the broccoli is bright green, then add 4 cups of veggie stock. I know most people put fish oil in their miso, but the name alone turns me off so I don’t. I always add basil, oregano, and black pepper along with some mediteranean salt. When the pot is about to boil I add about 1-2 T of miso into the soup by holding a wire strainer barely in the soup and whisking the miso in. Then I add rice noodles, turn off the burner, squeeze some lemon, and put a lid on it. Delicious and nutritious and definitely a cold weather meal.


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