Post Gluten/Post Gluttony

Shopping at PCC today I was amazed at the explosion of gluten free foods available. Udi’s alone had so many new items in the store that I realized I had chosen to try their most boring product by far by picking up their white bread at Whole Foods last weekend. They have granola, cinnamon rolls, frozen pizza crusts and more. I didn’t buy anything though because I am trying to make things from scratch as much as possible. Gluten free food is generally expensive, and it is healthier to make your own food anyway. It was just surprising how much there is to choose from now. Everyone seems to be far more aware of gluten issues than even just a few years ago. It is great for us gf eaters, but it also is a sign of the times that people are becoming aware that what we have considered normal for so long is actually quite gluttonous. I’m not just talking about the size of a restaurant dinner plate either, I mean the gluttonous cars which are finally downsizing, the gluttonous oil usage which is prompting more bike-commuters, the gluttonous globalization which has spawned the living local movements. We are entering an age of awareness that is going to entail massive scaling back in many facets of life. It at times intimidates me, but it also is exhilarating to be on the edge of a new movement. Food is such an integral aspect of who we are as humans. The grocery store is speaking to me in a new language, one I am grateful and ready to hear.


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