gf bread

Gluten Free Guinea Pig

Yesterday I ended up trying some new gf bread for breakfast. It was Udi’s white bread and I’m sorry to say it tasted only slightly better than all the gf breads I’ve tried before, which is to say, not like bread at all. It is apparently exceedingly difficult to make gf bread that is prepackaged and remotely like regular bread. To be fair, Udi’s has other breads that I will still try because in a lifetime of gf eating, I’ve managed to become a constantly hopeful consumer. (Maybe this one will be IT…) I only bought the white thinking my boys might eat it, but there is no way they would try it. So much for that. This morning though I did have a success~ last night I whipped up a batch of scones from Flying Apron’s cookbook and let the batter chill overnight (as directed.) This morning I only had to kneed the blueberries in the dough and cook them up and though the dough did not look promising, they turned out delicious! A scone recipe without wheat or butter! I had no idea you could make a scone without butter! And one of my son’s ate it too, though the other one didn’t like it. You can find the recipe on Living Without’s website, but I bought the book through Amazon because I’ve been lucky enough to eat there a few times and absolutely love the place. The book is full of gf, vegan, and soy free recipes which look delicious and I fully intend to try every one of them.


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