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Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities

It’s a shame we have grown used to calling food sensitivities “allergies” because they are in fact different. Not that the name really matters to the person suffering from a reaction to a certain food(s), but when people are just starting to figure out they are eating something or several things that make them feel bad, it is important to know the difference because doctors do not always explain this. Food allergies are actually much easier to test for. If your body has an allergic reaction to a food, it shows up in blood tests. (Don’t ask me how~ I’m no doctor.) But if you have a sensitivity to a food, it may or may not show up in traditional tests, and unfortunately, most likely it will not. In that case, if you suspect dairy for example, you should take all dairy out of your diet for at least a week (that means all dairy, check your supplements’ ingredients as well as all the food labels in your house.) If you feel better after a few days, then you are most likely sensitive to dairy, or whichever food you are testing. Another option is to find a naturopath who specializes in food sensitivities and he/she can help narrow down the possible triggers and perform a different kind of blood test than the ones regular doctors use. It’s easy to be relieved when the doc tells you that you don’t have any food allergies, but the unfortunate truth is, if you suspect something is not the best for your body, it probably is causing more problems than you even realize. Here in our house we are in the midst of uncovering new food challenges, and I’m strangely excited about it. If I can make my kids feel their best, with more (steady) energy, then some kitchen challenges are worth it. I know it won’t be easy for a couple of weeks, but I’m so excited to see the fruits of our labor that I can get through a rough patch no problem. Still, wish me luck :0).

I just read this article about food intolerance that were found by a nutritionist, which is another good place to turn! And here is another great article on food sensitivities that gives clear steps on where to start the investigation.


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