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Veggie Breakfast

Lately my boys can’t get enough of gluten free waffles for breakfast, one has peanut butter on top with syrup and the other just plain syrup. I’ve tried three different brands now as well as just putting my own mix together, but it does not seem to a matter one bit~ the boys think it all tastes the same, maybe because I always add cinnamon to the batter and use vanilla almond milk. Although it smells delicious, I’ve been preferring a sweet potato for breakfast lately, and love how eating a vegetable for breakfast makes me feel healthy and not bloated. Even my skin feels smoother when I indulge in a sweet potato first thing in the morning, which is great since my skin is not liking the change of weather much. I follow this recipe on Whole Living. It is actually from the detox diet we did last January and it was one of the meals I loved enough to keep as part of my regular diet. I usually cook three sweet potatoes in the oven at once, in the evening when we are home and not busy (about an hour on 450, wrapped in foil). Then the next morning I take one out of the fridge and just have to microwave it for a minute or so, depending on how big it is, after first slicing it, squeezing some orange on it, adding the dash of salt and a good amount of cinnamon. (I don’t use the nutmeg~ personally I like it better without it.) Then after it is warm I add the almond slivers. Of course this is good any time of day, there is just something about having a vegetable at breakfast that makes me feel like I’m starting the day off right.


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