New Yogurt in the House

Usually when I check out at the grocery store I try to split up the amount of yogurt I buy with other things~ so for example I’ll put my youngest son’s favorite (Wallaby vanilla low fat yogurt) up then some apples and pickles, my Greek yogurt pick of the moment surrounded by orange juice and tofu, then my husband’s, etc, etc. It’s just kind of embarrassing to buy that much yogurt. If just two out of the four of us liked the same thing, it’d be so much easier, but, alas, we are four individuals in every sense of the word. We just had family visiting and while here they brought in yet another yogurt which has wrapped my oldest in its smooth creamy grip with both it’s taste and memories of his beloved cousin. It is Stonyfield’s Greek yokids yogurt and it is a fairly new product. There are no off-putting chunks, and no fruit on the bottom to stir in, plus although it is Greek yogurt, it is a lighter one, perfect for kids’ taste buds. My oldest is actually the one person in the household who went through phases with yogurt, sometimes liking it but usually not caring much one way or another about it. Now he’s obsessed. I suppose it is yet another “healthy” obsession though I have had to limit his intake.  He wakes up wanting it, comes home from school asking for it, then thinks about it again before bed. At least he’ll never be accused of lacking passion.


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