gluten free

New Gluten Free Products

Well, at least they are new to me. I happened to be looking for some fresh Parmesan in the cold case at Whole Foods and the tags signifying gluten free caught my eye a shelf or two above the cheeses. The tags were under fresh pasta~ this was first I’ve seen of that! The name of the company is Maninis and the pasta looks delicious. I was tempted to buy the lasagna sheets but since I didn’t have a recipe already in my hands I was sure I would forget some of the other ingredients. Next shopping trip though, I’ll get some. Then I saw the same company has flour mixes in the baking aisle. It looks like their mixes are full of ancient grains, instead of the more common ‘white’ grains and starches found in most other gluten free baking mixes. I can’t wait to try them! Maninis is based in Seattle, and I’m so not surprised. I wonder how it is in other parts of the country because gluten free eating is getting so easy and tasty here that I’m starting to feel a tad guilty! No worries, I’ll get over it. I did a bit of research last night on eating gluten free in Portland Oregon because we’ll be headed there soon for a night and they seem to be extremely gluten free friendly too. So, I guess the lesson is, if you are gluten intolerant the Pacific Northwest is a great place to visit (if not live).
There was another treat there this morning~ artichokes are a mere $1.50 a piece. My oldest loves artichokes and asks for them year round so I’m always looking for a decent price, and today’s is very reasonable. The only problem is he will want more and more once he has one. Is it artichoke season? I thought that was more a summer thing? Hm~.


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