gluten free

It’s my party and I’ll clean if I want to…

OK, so I’m not really having a party, but it is my birthday and that song keeps running through my head as I disinfect the house. My oldest son came home from school yesterday perfectly fine, then a couple of hours later he was throwing up in the driveway, on the sidewalk, and finally in the bathroom where he spent the entire rest of the evening in his faux leather ‘library’ chair with a book and a movie. He managed to sleep most of the night with only a few close encounters with the appointed puke-bowl, but he is home today just in case it returns. So, my birthday plans, minimal though they were, have changed and I’m now cleaning the house of potential germs all day, although  really I’m not convinced that it was indeed a sickness and not a food-poisoning issue. Whatever the cause I’m very glad he is feeling better and seems to be on the mend. On a happier note, at PCC the other day Udi’s cinnamon rolls were on sale so I looked at their stats for the first time and they actually aren’t that bad. Less calories and fat than the Udi’s muffins~ I always check this out b/c gluten free items are often loaded to bursting with fat and sugar in an attempt to hide the fact there is no wheat in the product. Even a piece of bread can make up half your daily caloric needs, so it is wise to be aware of what is going in your body and not just eat anything labeled gluten-free as if it were a health food. So anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with the cinnamon roll stats and tried the rolls on my kids a few days ago. They liked them~ my oldest liked them a lot, and my younger one who wishes there were only one food group in life, sugar, loved the icing that came with the rolls and liked the roll itself just a little. That really doesn’t mean anything though b/c you could give him the most delicious cake in the world and he’d eat the icing and leave the rest. I tried what was left of his roll and it was good! Really good. The icing comes in separate packets so you can put as little or as much on as you want, which is a nice touch. Back to cleaning…


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