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Gluten Intolerance Diagnosis Pt.2

Other good things to do is to ask your local grocery if someone could give you a tour of all the gluten free options. I know that Whole Foods and other natural groceries do this (at slower times. Don’t expect to tour at noon on Saturday) but I imagine other grocery buyers would be willing to do the same if it meant keeping your business. There are often great gluten free cooking classes at these groceries too. Going out to eat and traveling is easier if you can do a bit of research online first~ check menus, look for gluten free travel info., and make sure to ask ask ask. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable people are at most restaurants. Some have entirely separate gluten free menus but do not advertise it, others will have servers that need to ask their cooks or managers but there is always someone who knows how to accommodate every allergy. (No one wants to get sued after all.) Traveling is a great time to test your research skills beforehand and find gluten free devoted places in the destination. There are plenty of websites, magazines and twitter feeds devoted to gluten free cooking, traveling, restaurant going, and groups. As one person once told me, it might not be a club you wanted to join, but this is the best time to be in it. You can find all your answers at your fingertips, not to mention your new favorite cafe and a group of people who actually want to discuss the pros and cons of xanthan gum. (Thank you Internet.) At some point I’ll put some links on the side of this blog, but for now feel free to comment any questions and I’d be happy to try to find the answer for you.


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