food sensitivities

Tastes Change

This evening I was watching my son eat a bowl of the chili I made this weekend, with side dishes of baby carrots and crackers, and wondering when exactly he became so willing to eat a greater variety of food…? It seems like something changed around the time he was five and I had him on a rotation diet after not eating any of his trigger foods for two weeks. (He tested sensitive to 9 foods.)Those two weeks were not easy, and the rotation diet was no picnic either, but doing that seemed to broaden his taste buds. Instead of quesadillas I made him bean-a-dillas for example. His first encounter with refried beans, when he was around 3 or 4, led him to appreciatively say, “Mmm~ This poo-poo is good.” My younger son won’t touch any bean, round or smooshed, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Maybe I should put him on a two week cleanse, although I really have no idea what the poor kid would eat. Stubbornness seems to run in the family blood, and food is definitely where he puts his foot down, right next to his fork. I also baked salmon tonight, because we have a freezer full of fish in the garage from an Alaskan trip my husband took with his step dad. My seven year old refused to leave for the park until he could eat some~ I had wanted to go and play while it cooled.  It gives me a shred of hope that my five year old will come around, but the truth is, I was just like him, and it didn’t change until I was an adult.


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