Ooba’s in Redmond

For our 8th anniversary my husband and I went out for a casual dinner. On my favorite walk (to the library) I pass by a  Mexican restaurant that is tucked into a shady corner on a quiet street just off a busier retail area. It always has really good Latin or flamenco music pumped outside and there is actual seating on the patio  which is a rare treat around here. Everyone there always looks happy and whenever I walk by there I think, we should try that place. So finally, we did, though my husband has actually been there several times and swears I went there years ago. Since it was our anniversary I didn’t argue, but I really don’t remember going there before. It’s called Ooba’s and apparently there are ones in Bellevue and Woodinville too, but the feel is all funky college town, not suburban sprawl at all. You order at the counter and they bring out your food to you after you have gathered your own condiments, utensils and such. The food was good~ for gluten free folks like myself there are tacos and salad in a corn taco shell. They bring our individual bags of corn chips with every meal and serve a wide variety of adult beverages. I got a salad with veggies (as opposed to chicken, beef, or fish on top) and regretted not ordering it dairy free as they are generous with the cheese and sour cream. Luckily I had my enzymes with me, but next time I’ll see if I can get it topped with avocado instead. Everything was fresh and crisp and there were enough black beans in the salad to keep me happy. My husband enjoyed his burrito, though agreed there was a bit too much dairy. The proportions are huge, so come hungry. Really cute place to go for Mexican that isn’t fast-foodish but also isn’t the sit down and listen to a succession of bad mariachi songs while wondering if your beans are made with meat and your corn tortillas tainted with gluten. Really glad we went~ whether it was my first or second time.


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