For some reason I keep thinking about this girl I met almost 10 years ago. It was at an herb class at PCC where herbalist Anita Stone was giving a talk about her company, Madawa’s. During the class she and a student mentioned attending the same herbal program at Bellevue Community College (as it was called at the time.) I was interested in hearing more about that program so after the class I went up to the student to ask about it. Here is how it went:
Me: Hi. I was wondering about that herbal program you talked about…Is it still around?
Girl: Well, I dunno…ya know, everything is…everything….
Me: Pardon me?
Girl: I can’t talk about one thing, ya know, separate, b/c everything is just…everything.
Me: Um, OK. So, the program was at BCC, right?

Girl: It’s just so, all, ya know, connected. Everything is everything.
Me: Right. OK then, thanks.
At that point I waited in line to talk to Anita who told me all about the program which I later did end up attending. I also interviewed Anita for an article I wrote for Herbs for Health when it was still a print magazine. I did not interview the girl, but I think I know what she’d say…


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