Sunday cooking

Something about Sunday always puts me in the mood to cook. There are french green lentils that I prepared yesterday, waiting to be thrown into soup, some spinach I should really use up today, and a gf spice cake I’m anxious to try, but, as usual, I need to head to the store for ingredients before I can make anything. I suppose I could figure out something with the spinach, but it’d be easier to eat up if it were some other green, like broccoli. Lately I’ve been focusing on using what is in our cabinets instead of always running out to get more stuff, so maybe I’ll browse the omniscient Internet for some recipes that I can tweak. Soup is always easy in that way, and I suppose salad is pretty easy to improvise too. Yesterday I got a salad from Chipotle that had rice, beans and salsa on it…definitely not the kinds of things I normally put on salad, except for the beans, but it was really tasty. I suppose I could do something similar with the spinach although I’m the only one the family who eats it uncooked. At least I’m the only one who knows I eat it uncooked…I put some in a turkey wrap for my oldest son and called it lettuce just to see if he’d eat it. He eats lettuce on sandwiches so I thought he’d be more apt to do so it if he thought it was the same thing he always ate…and it worked! Every time one of my sons eats a new vegetable I get ridiculously excited. Probably because it is such a rare event. Anyway, I am thinking of making a gluten free pumpkin loaf with millet flour. I have been wanting to do something with this millet flour I bought and I have a can of pumpkin in the pantry so why not mix the two together…? It would be something different and something I can make without running to a store first. Sounds like a plan.


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