Yogi Teas not all gluten free

I’ve written before about how much I love Yogi Teas~ their flavor, their packaging, their cute little messages on the tops of the tea bag strings~ so today I was devastated to read on the back of one of the teas I was contemplating buying at Whole Foods these nasty little words: barley malt. No! Say it ain’t so! This probably sounds overly dramatic, but really, it ruined my day. I’ve been crafting a letter to them in my head ever since. Something like this: Dear Yogi, I am a huge fans of your teas, drinking on average 3 cups per day of (lately)your Kava tea, but my daily intake varies among your many wonderful blends. But, just today I realized you put barley malt in your teas, which means I can no longer drink them. See, I’m gluten intolerant and barley malt is on the do not intake list. Please consider taking the barley malt out of your teas, or substituting with something friendlier to the growing number of gluten intolerant people out there. Thank you!
I imagine it will take a lot more than just one complainer, but it is a start.


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