Gluten free eating


Lately I’ve been having a strange but luckily satisfy-able craving. Cornflakes. I want them for breakfast, snacks, and any other meal I can get away with eating them. This has happened once before and I remember it lasting a few months, but I have no idea why it happens. I haven’t eaten cornflakes for probably 10 years, but suddenly I couldn’t go another day without them. My normal cereal type food is Udi’s granola with Vanilla Greek yogurt, preferably Chobani 0%. Thankfully Nature’s Path makes a huge bag of corn flakes so I’m covered for a while, though I’m going through my rice milk much faster than normal. And the bag has Gluten Free printed right on it, which is just nice b/c even though one would assume corn flakes were gluten free, they aren’t always.


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