gluten free bread

Gluten free fun~ girl-friend style

This past Saturday my friend and I went on a gluten free expedition of sorts. We started out before 9:AM heading over to West Seattle because of a Great Harvest there that sells all kinds of gluten free products, including a french bread that was the real driver to our outing. It was a beautiful, warm, blue-skied morning that just got warmer, sunnier and more beautiful as the day went on, or maybe it just seemed so because it was so fun finding a bakery with so many gluten free goodies, then getting coffee and hanging out on Alki beach. There was even an art fair happening on the beach which added a bit of extra artistic magic to the day. My friend marvelled at how different it ‘felt’ in West Seattle, and she was right. It has a beachy-island feel over there that is far more laid back than the rest of the Seattle area. There are other really nice neighborhoods around, such as Fremont and Kirkland, but West Seattle is truly an island to itself. As for the bread which my friend took me over there for, it is good! I ate it with soup and it was such a treat! She says the rosemary is the best, which they did not have that day, but I’m definitely up for another trip over there to try it out, especially with such good company! It is great to have fellow gluten intolerant friends to share good recipes, good finds, and good times with.


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