Experimenting Slump

For a couple of weeks earlier this month I had some tummy issues, which put a damper on my experimenting in the kitchen. Then my sons started swim lessons which turns out to be a whole-day affair most days complete with picnic and heading back to the pool for the open swim. Coming home sun-soaked and exhausted doesn’t exactly lend itself to turning on the oven and busting out the baking tools. One day was so hot that when we were finally home and resting I was truly shocked that my children wanted some food for dinner. I wanted to ask, who can eat in this heat? I think I gave them some fruit and yogurt and called it good. That said, I have tried a couple of gluten free items lately. First, Montana’s chocolate chip cookies are delicious. They are light and the perfect texture, not too chewy and not too crispy. WOW makes some good cookies too, but are the moist, chewier kind. This texture works particularly well with their ginger molasses. I also tried some cut up muffins by Udi’s that were samples at Whole Foods. I have to say that I was unimpressed. But, in their defense my friend says she loves their bagels (though she admits it is a gluten free kind of love, not for the gluten eaters out there) and I do love their granolas. After trying to make my own and feeling as though I were eating gluten, it is lovely to be able to trust that the granola isn’t going to make me feel sick and tired. I’ve officially worked through all the baked goods in my freezer that I had made with the Flying Apron cookbook and the heat has abated a bit so I might just take up the wooden spoon again today. I really want to make a decent loaf of bread but feel it is impossible considering I’ve never had a gluten free bread I have really liked that doesn’t make my stomach hurt. It must exist, I just need to keep trying and experimenting. Gluten free baking is not for the weak of heart.


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