Summer has me in a firm grip these days therefore writing, cooking, and pretty much everything else besides driving and playing have fallen into the ‘wait here for cooler days’ pile on my desk. Not that it is overly hot here, but the sun pulls heavily on the heart strings of people who see nothing but clouds most of the year. We have been outside everyday, at pools and parks, though not so much in our backyard which is a shame b/c it needs some love and attention. The blueberries have been picked by the birds more than my boys, my tomatoes seem to have not made it this year~ a first! And the basil looks rather parched. The sad truth is, I’m not a very good gardener. I love to plant things, but the other parts of gardening I’m rather lax about, so if the boys aren’t going out back to play, I tend to not go out back either. The garden definitely fared better when all the boys wanted to do on summer days was ride their respective vehicles around and around the little cement patio that serves as the basketball court, and run through the sprinkler. But they are bigger now and they usually play with one ball or another until it is lost over the fence and then they go inside until it magically shows up back in our yard. (Thank you neighbors!) And now the mom taxi needs to be fired up again to take my oldest and his friend to a cooking class, which they love, and my youngest and I will check out some new parks to see if we have missed anything the first half of the summer. It is August afterall, and the shadows are showing signs of enlongating with promises of Fall in the breeze.

Miss these days!

April is Earth Month

To celebrate the first day of Spring Break I took my boys to Molbak’s to get some veggie starts for our little kitchen garden in the back. It turned out to be a gorgeous day which we deserved after a rainy weekend. Rainy month actually. I could go on backwards, but I’ll just let it rest there. We actually started the day at the park where my youngest took off his training wheels! Both my boys are bi-pedler now I guess. Once we got home we started on the garden:

Step 1. move rocks

Step 2. take off the black cover and
add compost

Step 3. rake out the compost and
plant the veggie starts

Step 4. replace black cover and rocks
and demand to keep the black plastic
things in which the veggies were bought

I don’t get it~ the boys have a ton of toys but they decided to make a united stand against recycling those plant containers. I felt like we were in a debate club, practicing on some monstrously silly topic, except they were dead serious. There was no way I was getting those containers out of their soil-stained hands. One made the Eiffel tower with his, the other made some sort of war ship. You are thinking that means they won the debate, but actually it was a compromise~ I told them they could keep them as long as they stayed outside. After all, if they were inspired to make arts and crafts with them, well, who was I to get in the way of inspiration. I just did not want another thing migrating into the house.