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Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis

As if Celiacs didn’t have enough to worry about, right?! But as we all know, when one has celiac disease the nutrients that person takes in have a far more difficult time making it to the right places, and one way that problem shows itself is by leading to osteoporosis. This happens to be both Celiac Awareness Month, and according to the American Recall Center  it is also Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month. The two make a congenial couple, if not a handsome one, considering they do so often go hand-in-hand, and it is important to talk to your doctor about bone health if you are a recently diagnosed celiac, or maybe not so recently diagnosed but have never thought about your bone health before now. Of course, talking to a naturopath is always a great idea because they will be able to evaluate your diet and let you know if you need extra supplementation beyond calcium/magnesium/vitamin D. This infographic below shows how common osteoporosis is and how much damage it can do to a person, such as leading to knee replacement surgery. On that front, there is also the news that Zimmer Persona Knee replacements have been recalled, which apparently isn’t all that uncommon (for replacement parts to be recalled and therefore another surgery ensues). Shocking, right?! For all the medical advances I’m truly grateful for, there are other pieces of the medical industry that definitely make me want to focus on preemptive habits. For more information on that particular recall, here’s the link: Knee replacement recall.osteopoposisAlso keep in mind that some prescription drugs leach out calcium from the bones and can lead to osteoporosis as well. Make sure to review what you take and the side effects associated with those things when talking to your chosen medical professionals, and know that no matter what there are always things you can do to help yourself move towards optimal health. Take care of yourself people, inside and out, upside and down.


2 thoughts on “Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis

  1. It is indeed celiac awareness month! I’m really grateful that bone density scans are immediate (at least in the Partners hospitals in Boston, such as MGH, Newton Wellesley, etc.) after you’re diagnosed with celiac disease. Although, it was really funny when I went in for mine because I was little, and most of the people there were significantly older than me. Hopefully, it becomes general practice everywhere. We’re also sent to a nutritionist right after our diagnosis, which helped as well. How does this process work for y’all? Are those standard tests?

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    1. That’s great that you were tested immediately! I had a strange experience when being diagnosed with my General Practitioner telling me I was celiac based on my blood test, so I stopped eating all wheat, then the GI Dr. said not to bother eating wheat again to get the scope test b/c it’s the same ‘prescription’ either way~ no gluten. So anyway, I don’t know if I’m celiac or not but there was never any discussion about bone health in either of these offices. This was about 10 years ago though, so hopefully people are better informed now.

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